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[sticky post] My Wizard's Wood Press works

A list of everything I've published under Wizard's Wood Press, and where to find it, in a sticky posting.

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shapeshifting stasis

So we have dove maidens and swan maidens, peahen maidens and heron maidens, and a few others, and out in the farther reaches, unseen by our main character, there are some oddities:  spoonbills, selkies greyhounds, frogs (even though frogs are mostly cursed in this world).

Why stop there?

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This week's prompt is:

Anyone can join, with a 50-word vignette in the comments. Your vignette does not have to include the prompt term.

My effort:
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City of Lightning

The Second Journey of Agatha Heterodyne Volume 2: City of Lightning by Kaja Foglio and Phil Foglio

Agatha adventures! Spoilers for earlier books ahead!

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humans hanging around

Building the masquerade and the magical worlds within it -- and I think there's going to be some humans hanging around in some, aware of the magical beings.

Not wizards -- well, not necessarily -- some might incidentally have some magic, but that's not why they are there.

I think I have concluded that they were people too tightly entwined with the magical creatures to be torn away.  As long as they are bound not to blurt out the truth when they meet the ignorant, and don't themselves realize there's more magical beyond -- so they don't go and become nuisances -- they can fit in nicely in the worlds of trolls or dragons.  Might not be fun for them, but it would work.

Celia's House

Celia's House by D.E. Stevenson

Forty years in the life of a family and a house. . . in 1905 the elderly Miss Celia Dunne is visited by her grandnephew Humphrey and tells him, contrary to the expectations of her oldest brother's son, she's living the house to him, and after him to his daughter Celia -- even though he has only a son and two daughters, neither named Celia.
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tidbits cross time

For you to accompany Louis XV on a hunt, your family needed not only to be aristocratic, but have been so since 1400.
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Understood Betsy

Understood Betsy by Dorothy Canfield Fisher

About a little girl, Elizabeth Ann, who was being raised by her great-aunt and first-cousin-once-removed, with the best of intentions. Except that one day, when they bring in a doctor and don't quite believe him when he says Elizabeth Ann is perfectly healthy, the great-aunt coughs, and the doctor diagnoses the great-aunt.

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