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[sticky post] My Wizard's Wood Press works

A list of everything I've published under Wizard's Wood Press, and where to find it, in a sticky posting.

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do stop thinking about tomorrow

Plugging along on my D&D outline, knowing there are two potential sequels springing from issues not resolved in this book. . . .

Trying to ignore them.
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Women in the Days of the Cathedrals

Women in the Days of the Cathedrals by Régine Pernoud

Stuff about women in the Middle Ages. Like Those Terrible Middle Ages, popular and light in tone, and more devoted to debunking myths than making a systemic study, but full of facts, and how things were in fact worse after the Middle Ages than during them.

backstory and desire


Figuring out what the heroine lacks and needs to have. And all because I worked out some backstory. . .

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supplying the magic

So why would a man who had free run of all the magical objects produced by a whole school of wizards be short of magic objects? Past the limits of what he could carry? Since "they didn't have much" is impossible?

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Invisible Agents

Invisible Agents: Women and Espionage in Seventeenth-Century Britain by Nadine Akkerman

A study revolving about the English Civil War. I found it particularly interesting in terms of spycraft, and the frequent bumbling incompetence, and the discussions about folding letters (which could make it impossible to open without revealing your tampering), and stenography (all the more important in that owning a cypher key was illegal).

writing in a RPG world

In one respect, the role-playing game and the novel ARE similar.

The characters have to have limits.

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tidbits cross time

Noble Russian girls started to learn to dance at eight, by ten or twelve were attending children's balls, and by thirteen or fourteen, regular balls.

A Regency childbirth meant the father had a duty to provide a cheese. Bits of it, put under the pillow, would let a young woman dream of her lover.

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