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tidbits cross time

Ancient and medieval maps were not prone to have "HIC SVNT DRACONES" (there's one instance, which probably refers to Komodo dragons) and certainly not "Here there be dragons." What they would write instead was "HIC SVNT LEONES" -- here there be LIONS.

The fabric taffeta was valued for the loud rustling noises it would produce, a simple way of conspicuous consumption, but in the movies, an actress could not faint in taffeta but had to wear crepe de Chine, to avoid the microphone. Beaded dresses were also a problem.

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the DM vs the writer, on magic objects

though a different point this time. . . .

I've seen solemn discussions of magic items in D&D and how the ancestral sword that looked so nifty at third level is outclassed by ninth level when you pick up an ordinary dagger.  That the only real way around it was an evolving item that would produce new powers at higher levels.

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