'tis the voice of a child

One complication of using a child as the point of view character is keeping not just the observations within the child's power to make, but the voice.

It's not so tight a point-of-view that I have to be absolutely strict, but  it's not so loose that I can festoon their thoughts with erudite polysyllables.

Though, on reflection, the oldest of the children I am working on now is chiefly a problem because she's kinda silly.
Architect's Dream

tidbits cross time

Flax was cultivated in Europe by the seventh millennia BC. It produces both linseed oil and linen, but the thing is, if you plant them thickly, they tend to grow longer stalks (to get at sunlight) and fewer flowers, and if you plant them loosely, they produce more flowers and so more seeds. The crops tended to be cultivated separately, though you could get some of the other from a main crop of one.

William IV was named as a Sailor King because he had served in the navy and rose, on his own merits, to the rank of rear admiral.

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