marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

plot bunny from RPG

 So a plot bunny came bounding out with an RPG setting. . . .

Class-based.  I have one paladin, one cleric, one fighter/thief, and one fighter/maybe something else?  The sort of thing that makes me wonder if I want a more recent handbook to determine whether there's something else that would be fun to add.  I was thinking of wizard. . .

Meanwhile, one character also has, by nature, a Constitution of 3.  The only reason he lived long enough to adventure was a magical talisman, the price of which is adventuring for its owner.  I will have to consider how long he will have to adventure for.  They might shift his duties depending on the events of the story.

And having given him a backstory like that, the paladin and cleric, who are twins, need a better one.  I know that they both aspired to be clerics, and one was turned toward paladinhood instead.  Hmmm. . . I think there's going to be at least a little pressure on them, though they jumped at it.  It involves an inheritance, I suspect.

And lots of little plot bunnies are bounding around suggesting -- philosophy.  About questions of clerical vs. wizardly magic.  About the monotheistic religion, with questions of godhood and metaphysics lingering.
Tags: idea development, orchestrating characters, role-playing games, world-building: deities, world-building: religion

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