marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

history of fairy tales

You know, if you open a story with one character telling another the backstory about why she's in danger, you need the backstory.

Part of it was that the history evolved as I outlined the story. I didn't revise the opening.

But still, I had not slotted three of the eight conspirators into the opening story, whose entire purpose is to warn the heroine that those eight are the problem.

I shall have to juggle what is told -- after all, just enough to alert the heroine to what she must do to stop her danger. Especially since the person can only tell her in the vaguest terms: these are the people who will hurt you if they can. Useful knowledge, but nothing so good as "throw this handkerchief, comb, and mirror behind you when you run away."
Tags: backstory, dialog, discovery, fairy tales (retelling), fictional history, orchestrating characters

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