marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

scenes of summer

A mourning dove is perched on the hood of my car, gives me the eye, and flies off. But I have never seen one so particolored, gray and brownish and white and black in speckles.

It rains, it rains, it rains -- it thunders -- and the moss roses explode in growth, and in blossoms of pink, or red, or snow white. Other flowers flourish, but nothing so much as the moss roses.

A rainbow, very soft -- at first I just see it look like a pillar, rising up straight from behind the trees -- but then I make out the arching into the sky -- or perhaps it had increased.

A robin on the sidewalk looks at me. Brown and red -- and with a speckled throat, white and dark, as it had a handkerchief tucked into its collar.

Outside the window, the sky is blue, the clouds are thin and white, the sun is bright (the air is hot) and rumble, rumble, rumble goes the thunder. After a time, I see it raining. Sharp, spread out raindrops falling. On one side of the house. When I go out to get the mail, it has wet the pavement -- briefly -- though as I walk, it's still raining, pattering on my umbrella, but the pavement has dried. And over the house I see a perfect double rainbow, reaching from horizon to horizon in all their delicate color.

From the grass, the birds burst up in morning sunlight. Their little bodies are shadow-dark, but their wings are brilliant from the sunlight shining through.

The annoying sort of rain. It hits me with a few drops as I am watering my garden, and I consider whether to go in and get my umbrella -- and I would have, if needed, so I could go on watering my garden, it was that sort of rain.

Bees all over the loosestrike and the coneflowers -- one morning I found one stand of loosestrike rife with honeybees, but usually it's the bumblebees and dozens of them. One day -- well -- I suppose it was a bumblee but the gold was all bleached out so that I had a bee in black and white.

The rainstorm has gone by, the sky shows clouds in bank of pure white by the horizon, the sky with streamers of gray and slate blue, and many large patches of sky, over a valley all green and growing, the trees leading into valleys and hills of green, out into the blue hills.

An enormous butterfly, all black and yellow, flits over the blue flowers, but they are so dainty that it finds it hard to perch and sip.
Tags: nature

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