marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

needs and discoveries

I need a song.

A folk song, that does NOT tell a story (otherwise it will have to foreshadow -- and any is too much too much), and which one character would plausibly sing as they walk on the way -- 

Thus giving me a way to distinguish him from the other characters, who need more details.  Pondering what sort of way to mark the sisters apart.  All right, one is much better at domestic work than the other -- but -- not enough.  And they have to fit the story.  Neither sister, for instance, could be a big reader of history.

And pondering what sorts of hobbies you could have in a sorta medieval setting.  Whittling, perhaps?

The fox, I think, is the one caught up in the big picture.  'cause some of it has to be character differences, not just hobbies.
Tags: characterization, orchestrating characters, research

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