marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

to say nothing of the dog

I forgot the dog. . . .

I had planned to use a dog in one scene to create the plot twist in a group of characters too wise to the ways of fairy tales to do it themselves. But I didn't plant the dog in the earlier scenes. . . .

Perhaps it will be a traveling dog. With a juggler or other entertainer. That will get rid of it -- except that I think I may need to plant it in another fairy tale. There being few traveling dogs, I think I shall have to opt for one of the traveling entertainers and splice on a dog.

And then we'll see. I was working earlier on a section, and the muse helpfully said that I needed to throw in a fairy tale -- not, of course, which one -- but once I worked it in and threw it in, thinking it was throw away, the muse explained how it fit the villains' plots.

Meanwhile the characters are differentiating themselves in how hopeful they are, and their manners of it. Which will take some careful drawing. And their purposes are pretty uniform: defeat the villains so they can live in peace; protect others from the plots; rescue the plots' victims, if they can. They differ in whom they want to protect most, and to rescue, and one wants revenge on the villains for a victim who can't be rescued, but when you get targeted by the bad guys you have little choice in purposes.

More work needed!  
Tags: fairy tales (retelling), orchestrating characters, plot devices, plot twist

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