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An idea ambushed me:  I could have the characters ambushed!  Nice little encounter there.

Which meant they can't cut to the end, even though they know it's wiser.  Fortunately, I can have them contact authorities to get help, which authorities have the authority to tell them they have to do it the long, slow route.  (Fortunately for me and my plotting.  0:)

Also, I have to start building the weird magic/monsters at the next stop, at the very latest.  And I do have to work out something about the labyrinth/dungeon. . . . 

It has living shadows, and probably elementals.  Something with a light attack as well.  Probably magic that whacks your sense of direction while I'm at it.  Possibly hooded robes and masks like crow faces with nothing behind them. . . .
Tags: world-building: creatures, world-building: enchantment, world-building: geography

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