marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

remember her?

Was jotting down notes about various menaces that my intrepid band will face. . .

Oh, yes, the initiating villainess, without which this would never have happened.   Gotta do something with her.

I know what she's going to say, namely that she had to unleash the monsters, or someone might have noticed a pattern in what she did.  But what's she's going to do to be perilous. . . is -- hmmm, suppose it's got to be -- unleash more monsters.  

Gotta figure out about the guy who's stalking her with such intensity that they think he's the villain of the piece, too.  When they meet, how they connect, and whether he gets to get to the villainess in the end.  With some monstrous help, though, if so.  Probably.

Seeing as I still have a large connection of incidents and have to string them together.  There are some problems with inspiration that goes moment by moment.
Tags: orchestrating characters, plotting, story structure

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