marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

family bonds

Was working on the RPG-verse world-building:  clerics and  paladins are associated with the church.  Consecrated, in fact.  (Also other character classes may be.)  

There is still room for a standard RPG party, on the occasions when the mission is to level-grind so you're more useful later.  

But as I was bipping along and giving a pair of twins a backstory where their extended family supported their consecrating themselves because it meant they were legally disassociated from their family.  To regain a secular family, they or their children marry or be adopted into one, or start their own.  And to be legally related, they would have to adopt each other as sisters.  (They would have to be released from consecration, and their children would be cut loose on their own if they were not consecrated by one-and-twenty.)

Hmm.  How bad is starting your own family line?  It's not going to get you into the nobility unless you do something super-special, but what is it like for a commoner?  Hmmmmmm. . . is the cynical and resentful character bitter because his family bonds were broken by a consecration?  And how (un)reasonable is he being?  
Tags: families: other, role-playing games, world-building: religion

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