marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

supplying the magic

So why would a man who had free run of all the magical objects produced by a whole school of wizards be short of magic objects? Past the limits of what he could carry? Since "they didn't have much" is impossible?

Hmm -- because he used up everything that could be used up by this point. Fortunately, it's been some time, he's been hard on the trail of an evildoer in the meantime, and he's had to fight. As a lone adventurer, he had to keep himself alive without aid. It used up a lot.

Also, he knew when he made his raid that he was forging into the great unknown. He choose his objects for generic purposes. Except that I'm pretty sure that he's carrying some things -- maybe only one -- out of sentimental value. Hmmm. He may have to sacrifice it for his new companions, but possibly not in this book.

Generic purpose objects are best in a role-playing game, not so good in a novel, but I shall have to introduce the needs as the objects appear. Or revise them out -- another thing you can't do in a game. 0:)
Tags: backstory, orchestrating characters, plot devices, role-playing games, world-building: magic (objects)

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