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decisions, decisions

Got inspiration from a gaming hook:  late in the story, the party will find a doppleganger of a party member.  Or their comrade, prisoner, as the doppleganger walks among them. . . or something else is going on.  Down to their actually being the same person with some funny magic going on.

(Easier in a novel than a RPG -- which one do you have the player play? 0:)

But start out developing the party that will delve to this location, and pondering -- you know, I don't know which of these characters would make the best discovery.  I don't think having the point-of-view character would work well -- it would change what sort of genre the tale is.  Not to mention the effect on her character development.  Yet, it has to be one -- 

Ah, well, perhaps as I develop them further, it will come clear.  Though at this moment, I'm leaning toward either the prince who is in charge or the heroine's oldest comrade.
Tags: character arc, genre, idea development, orchestrating characters, plot twist, point of view, role-playing games, world-building: creatures

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