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emerging characters

Poking at the Gamelit story -- knew we had a sorceress/rogue and a rogue.  Let the other characters in the party emerge with the plot, so that they mold to what is needed by the story. . .

Whoops.  No, to send them into the dungeon I need to know what they are.  Not down to spell lists, but at least I need to know their classes.  (And they are about level 14 so the main two neither have to spend their trip playing bodyguard nor find themselves dragged along in the wake of the more powerful ones.)

But it seems I shall have to let the monsters in part arise from the party members rather than vice versa.  Such is the nature of inspiration

At least the main character will have the relief of knowing that she is not one of the heavy-hitters in the party.and does not have to take the brunt of the attack.

Meanwhile, realized that there is a character with hidden motive to help our twosome, as well as a traitor in the mix.
Tags: idea development, motive (source), orchestrating characters, role-playing games

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