marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

snow, snow, snow, snow, snow

and more snow!

Not me, not yet, though Friday may be interesting, and the weekend worse.  No, what is happening is that I concluded some events will take place during winter.

I toyed with the notion of having the main characters overwinter somewhere safe, but -- the villains wouldn't.   They have the abiliites to make it stick.  And given the characters of at least three of them, it would be unlikely that they would stay put barring overwhelming barriers.

One therefore trudged through snow until he achieved part of his quest, and found the barriers.  Two others are casting about in less snow-bound regions and so will not be stuck with his excuse.  They will trudge, and I will have to festoon their way with snow-related problems.

I did not even think of the seasons when outlining it.  This is unwise when you put a character in the story who gets pregnant and gives birth during the course of the plot.  It kinda ties you down to a period of time with several seasons.
Tags: characterization, motives and purposes, quest, story time, travel, world-building: weather

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