marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

tales inside tales

So the characters just sent another character off with the secret of how to get to the ogre's castle.

Outline says they hear of what happened.

Author is typing along and thinks, hmmm, let's have them dillydally a bit to give the news time to arrive -- and since they are conscientious to the point of excess, the best way would be -- hmmm -- flood the river at the bridge. They can allude to fairy tales with bridges in them, and ones with ferries. And then the author realizes they are going to tell some stories to pass the time.

Ah, well, I can hint at them with only one or two tales actually told, but a tale within a tale needs to have significance. But not too blatant. . . .

The complications that trivial plot twists make.
Tags: characterization, fairy tales in stories, plot devices, plot twist

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