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I always keep a list of characters for my works, even short stories.

Some, especially novels, require other lists.  List of the types of -- ehem -- Fair Folk who appear.   And it's a nuisance because I only figure it out after I've plugged along for some time and have to go back and find them all.

GameLit spell lists are harder.  Beyond the general nuisance, I need to count them, closely enough that when a wizard says he's tapped out of spells, the readers won't throw the book against the wall.  AND -- in a game it is clearly defined when a spell is cast.  But in a novel, characters may cast a welter of spells at something escaping to let the evil wizard know of your coming, and healing spells get handwaved.  How to count?

At least it gives me some flexibility in putting in the need to recuperate!
Tags: plot devices, world-building: magic (technique), writing technique

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