marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

metaorigins and babies

So mucking about with the meta-origin for superheroes (and villains) and while I have declared -- by fiat -- that it affects no one under seven and precious few under fourteen -- still, when heroes have children, they will be exposed to the meta-origin source.

Prenatally, making the question of adoption at birth moot -- as, of course, does the little issue that super-parents will decide whether you place their children for adoption. 

I have read people solemnly explaining that the vigilantism of superheroes is illegal.  The problem with that is, first, who's going to stop them?  And second -- who's going to stop the super-villains in their absence?

Which ties into another world-building question, namely, that this does create a caste of super-powered people.  It may be, given the meta-origin, a permeable caste, with new members always joining, but still a caste.  One of great power and influence, beyond the ability of mere humans.

So, people are going to be up in arms demanding access to it.  Fortunately, they have an obstacle in that the meta-origin doesn't always work, and if it fails, you have no second chance -- you've been immunized.  But that's going to mean demands that they figure out how it works.  The super-powered are very glad they also get to say whether they get experimented on.
Tags: families: parent/child, metaorigins, superpowers, world-building: law, world-building: social structure

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