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plot, plot, plot. . .

So the characters on the dungeon crawl stop to draw a deep breath and think. And the author stops in the outline to think.

At which point she realizes that actually the tactics are clear. Our heroine did point out that their objective is not to clear out the dungeon but to get to the prisoner in it (because it really is a dungeon), but all attempts to sneak past problems have gone badly. Their only prudent plan now is to wade through every trap and monster and put them out of commission.

It will put the "crawl" in "dungeon crawl" but given that they know that not all the perils were even intended in the first place, and those that were intended were designed by someone who could not be trusted and whose actual intentions they are quite ignorant of, it's the only route.

Ah, well. I have to have the traitor betray them soon, to put a twist in it, and let the grim secret out. (Always let the grim secret out soon enough for it to make the plot shift sharp.) Come to think of it, the traitor will act when she knows there's a chance at escape, which will also give them a moment to reflect on the possibility of leaving and coming back.
Tags: discovery, plot twist, story structure

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