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City of Corpses

City of Corpses by John C. Wright

Dark Avenger’s Sidekick book 2. Spoilers for book 1 ahead -- it really is a single work in three-volumes -- and a few for Green Knight's Squire, too.

As in, it opens with her gloom after discovering her name. She has, after all, no one to share the knowledge with. And Winged Vengeance, who had taught her all her crime-fighting skills, had refused to believe she was real after her capture by Anarchists (which she still does not remember), wished she would kill herself, and while telling her her name, had not told her the name of the young man she loved.

The church bells ring, and she pulls herself together and follows her only clue, going to the Cobbler's Club, where they are looking for help, and she manages to work it out, and as a waitress/chorus girl, begin to spy.

It involves a wardrobe mistress with green hair, a door marked Out Of Service, walking about wearing her nightgown, going shopping both with the other waitresses, a mob turned to trees, Gil and Matthias (whom she recognizes from the last book) arriving to talk with her employer and Gil feeding caviar to Ruff, a woman who would free her husband, how to talk with someone who can tell truth from lies while you are being listened to, and more.
Tags: fiction reviews: contemporary fantasy

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