marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

adventures in the mundane

Superheroine wakes up the first morning in her new home, a location especially designed for the superpowered.

Author ponders how far to compress it.

The superheroine finds it important. It is, after all, her new home. There are a great many complications about the superpowered living among normal humans that only begin with the obvious for all superheroes. (It would take a vastly different world for supervillains not to want to try themselves against them.)

So getting up and getting breakfast.

I don't want to omit it because it's part of how she feels when she arrives, and also makes the limited time period clear. But plot significant details will be subtle until they bustle her off to the lab. So -- as compressed as possible.
Tags: local color, plot devices, superpowers, world-building: buildings

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