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Deadly Assessments

Deadly Assessments by Drew Hayes

Fred, the Vampire Accountant book 5. Spoilers ahead for the earlier books.

It opens with Fred and Lillian making plans for a trade show. Lillian packs spare blood on the principle of the matter -- you never know. Krystal gets unexpectedly called away because of her old engagement -- apparently the Queen of Winter can not insist on her actually marrying her half-fey old fiance, but can insist that she marry no one else -- and Fred makes the show where things get more complicated.

A woman named Deborah introduces herself. House Turva, being sore losers, had complained that Fred was unfit to head a clan to the Blood Council, in charge of vampires. She will be checking him. And that's the beginning.

It involves happening on a crime at a client site, running about in the deep wilderness where there are animals and no humans, where Fred has drunk blood from, acting as a courier, establishing that Fred is not doing something because he's on the clock, and more.

Tags: fiction reviews: contemporary fantasy

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