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The Tao Speaks

The Tao Speaks:  Lao-Tzu's Whispers of Wisdom by Tasi Chih Chung

This is a cartoon version of the Dao Te Ching. Quite well done.  Sometimes the cartoons do a great deal to illustrate the meaning of the more cryptic sayings.  Even when it's fairly straightforward, the picture of water eroding through stone nicely underscores it.

It also has some biographical data -- some traditional biographical data -- about Lao-Tzu.  Who is said to have written the Dao Te Ching when he was living the country, after a border guard asked him to write some words of wisdom before his departure.  And about the time Confucius visited him.

When the author had four such cartoon books in the four top slots of Taiwan's bestseller list, the list started to exclude cartoon books to keep him off.
Tags: ethos, graphic novel/manga, history reviews: far east, non-historical non-fiction reviews, politics, primary source review

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