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It's all very well to think on how I can have the characters prep the spells they need because it's Gamelit but still a novel -- I can retroactively have them prep what I want.

But I think I may go back and decide what they prepped, and then see how to collides with reality. 

Mind you, in one story, they have a clue what they face (but not two clues, and certainly not three), and in the other, they are blind-sided, but in both cases, they hit a critical point when they are low on spells -- for one they have to rest, for the other, they are attacked by a traitor, and this way I can plausibly have them blow some spell slots on spells they can't use.

Such is life with high-level spellcasters in Gamelit.
Tags: role-playing games, world-building: magic (technique)

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