marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

theme first. . .

Heroine's going to see a lot of creatures in the week. . . .

Educational trip, the teachers will do a lot to keep her and the other pupils safe. But of course it has to have significance for her -- fortunately, in a bildungsroman, it can just be personal.

And they have to be different enough to keep the audience awake.

So work out the encounters. Then determine what is the best order for her development to be shown. Then disguise the fact by putting in enough cause and effect to stop it from being episodic. . . .

It happens a lot more frequently than you might think. Necessary prerequisites can be invented and if they are done well enough, you can hide that they were, in the origin, plot coupons. After all, the author can rearrange the map and everything else if necessary.
Tags: character arc, story structure, world-building: creatures, writing audience

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