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spellcraft in Gamelit

 In both countries, it is well-known that it is forbidden to use divine magic when more mundane means suffice.  You don't use create food when you can buy it from cook shops, or even farmers.  

But in one land, they also hold that it would be ungracious not to enjoy the divine bounty to the fullest, and they generally opt for healing magic in that respect.  Every cleric with healing magic also masters the heal skill and uses it whenever he can, but in a kingdom, there is generally room for both.

All the more in that the home-brew uses the first edition rule that they get XP just for casting.  Thus, a cleric healing and healing the peasants in a small village will go up in level.  0:)

Which has its plot consequences, but I'm thinking of the culture clash when a cleric from one kingdom finds herself in the other, and expected to go every day to the hospital to use up her spells.
Tags: conflict, orchestrating characters, role-playing games, world-building: disease and medicine, world-building: religion

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