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Had my Gamelit characters prep their spells in advance, rather than assign on the fly.

One prepped a spell three times.  Another prepped another spell three times.  Both spells usable on one person at a time. . . . 

So they find themselves in an unforeseen situation -- that is, not foreseen at the time of prepping spells.  Involving a group of four characters.

They are delicately trying to finagle it.  It can work if one of them consents to be considerably more helpless than the others in event of something going wrong.  Did I mention they had only met since the prepping?

Also, there needs to be a lot more in the way of injuries so our characters can run out of healing magic.  That is, after all, the one that they really do have to stop after.

(Meanwhile, on the other story, I'm telling myself to roll my own cleric domain if I don't like the ones they've got.  It does seem to have taken, a bit.)
Tags: character bonds, complexity, motives and purposes, plot twist, role-playing games, world-building: magic (technique)

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