marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

raising the army

Hmmm. . . .

Certain characters were going to be returning to their kingdoms only after the main villains were disposed of.

The question is whether dealing with a king's army is going to be feasible that way. They could certainly raise armies to face him if they did return, but it would mean two dramatic scenes -- a reunion with a father who thought his son dead, and a wrangle about who is going to inherit -- would have to happen sooner.

Indeed, the wrangle might get interesting. One of the three potential heirs is already married to the heir to another kingdom, and quite willing to resign her right to the third, who saved the kingdom, but the second, who will be married to the queen of another kingdom at the end, and quite willing to resign his right to the third, who saved the kingdom, is not even betrothed her before the army stuff.

And come to think of it, she hasn't saved the kingdom yet at that point.

That doesn't even go into how the wrangle will draw the villains' attention at a time when they know it's dangerous, and all would go to great lengths to prevent it.

I may go back and re-work the army part of the outline. Not too far, since someone's still got to save the day by showing up with forces, but somewhat.
Tags: fairy tales (retelling), world-building: inheritance, world-building: military matters, world-building: royalty

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