marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

which witch

So one character is lumbering, in his bear shape, over hill and dale toward the bride he's been cursed to marry.  Meanwhile his wife is chasing after him. . . .

And I'm pondering the bride.  

In the classic tale, it's the same woman that originally inspired the curse -- generally the cursed man's stepsister, because the original curse came from his stepmother, trying to get him to marry her -- but she's not one of the villainous group that's central to the tale -- 

I had her helped by a witch who is one of the central villains, but if she's actually in the tale, I'm going to have to dispose of her.

Perhaps the witch who helped her will decide to substitute herself as the bride, instead of the daughter.  She's been in a snit about her current husband being only a prince.

Except that I still have to dispose of her.  Perhaps I'll just give her a son as well, make him the villain of Fitcher's Bird, and have her be one of the wedding guests. . . .
Tags: fairy tales (retelling), orchestrating characters

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