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whether there will be weather

 One of the things fairy tales leave out in their sparseness is weather.  Unless you need a storm to cause shipwreck or a merchant to be lost, or a wind to blow a ship home, or other plot device, there is no weather. 

There are, in fact, no seasons.  It makes life interesting when trying to fit it into a more detailed and realistic setting.  Especially since the fairy tale can knock off serving a blacksmith for seven years in order to get him to make something for you so you can cross the glass mountain in a sentence or two.

The characters don't have anything that bad, but they are traveling, and they don't have the technology to make winter a nuisance rather than a serious obstacle.  Also, no less than three women get pregnant and give birth during the story -- in parallel, not in sequence -- but still, it locks some time periods down hard. 

Using the winter as a reason to stop does burn up some time, so the factors do help each other -- sometimes.
Tags: fairy tales (retelling), families: parent/child, plot devices, realism, story time, travel, world-building: weather

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