marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

choosing a tale

It's winter.  A woman -- one of the minor villainesses -- is telling a story.  Being in a fairy tale world, it's a fairy tale, and seeing how she's one of the villainesses, it's not one of the nicer ones.

Still playing about with it, but leaning toward one of the nastier Puss-in-Boots variants.  And I opened it up with the dying father offering his sons a choice between his blessing and his goods.  One takes the blessing, and the other the goods, and of course, the second is the one the tale's about.  

And I had been wondering whether to have another character hear a story in another place where she's holed up for winter, and then I realized I had a dangling thread, since the first son just vanishes.  Happens often enough in tales -- sometimes there are two older brothers or sisters who serve no plot function except to make the youngest the third -- but in a land where they are true, it's a loose thread.

So I was wondering what sort of tale to put him in.  Perhaps -- perhaps -- one of the nicer Puss-in-Boots variants?

I shall have to ponder that.  Perhaps even write them and see if the contrast is enough.
Tags: fairy tales in stories, foils, plot devices, story structure

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