marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

decisions and subplots

So, should I put Kari and Pierre's scenes in the foreground as actual scenes?  From one of their points of view?  Or both?  (Or possibly from the villain's?)

On one hand, they do kill one of the villains. And there aren't that many.

On the other hand, our main character hears about it from them after, and it gives her a chance for character development, as she is envious even after she points out to herself that her part, though integral, was small. (But she's done a lot more and hasn't gotten HER happy ending.) Want to avoid redundancy.

And on the third hand, I don't want to shift entirely to third-person limited with one point of view character. You can narrow it down, I've discovered, but I think that would be too much.

(And I've got to work in some actual temptations for the main character. Wrestling with envy when the most you have to is congratulate people, or even just keep your mouth shut, does not make it much of a flaw.)
Tags: character arc, death, heroes and villains, point of view

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