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Ah, revision. And surprises.

I'm revising a story to punch up the conflict on three levels -- the heroine's own bildungsroman with more emotional reaction to things, the intra-society conflict about people being wary of her (they didn't hide themselves away for nothing), the society's peril from the effort of endlessly keeping up the hiding -- and discovered that I also have to splatter in some more details of description.

If school just got out -- roses would be logically. Irises, too. But the bee balm that's roaring along in the garden is too late blooming. I suppose most people would not notice it -- I certainly can't signal time passing that way and expect people to realize that it's another month because the crocuses have given way to irises. Or even to know what the flowers are. But I need to keep the timing straight for those who would notice.

Plus remembering when to lard in the history.
Tags: bildungsroman, conflict, orchestrating characters, revision, story time, writing audience

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