marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

time passes

The first 30 pages of the novel cover the first 14 years of the heroine's life. Makes the problem of indicating passing time urgent.

Especially since I also need to indicate how she is growing up. As a toddler she can just sit on the floor and cry when unhappy, but she's going to quickly learn to restrain the tears in company and run away and hide instead. There are scenes where I am wrestling with her seeming far too young -- diction matters.

Also throwing in the part where she learns to not ask questions. Just watch, and hope there's some way she can eavesdrop or sneak the knowledge other ways. (And thus enliven the info-dumping when she gets to some people who will answer questions if she asks -- habits like that are not easy to shake off.)
Tags: characterization, discovery, exposition, story length, style

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