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It's not multi-person point of view that's a pain to work out.

It's the multi-purpose story, where the characters are pursuing different things

Five characters are gallivanting around, and the best you can say is that three of them are traveling together and so I have only to keep track of three sets, and the worst is that a fourth set is sitting around waiting, and worse, waiting for a child to be born, thus giving a flat deadline for certain actions by the others.

And that's just the heroes. I had omitted a villainess from a scene where she would certainly have appeared because she's not dead yet.

I probably have to put in a scene where she plots the attack where she does die. Meanwhile, three other villains are also plotting their schemes, and they all thoroughly mistrust each other by now.

I had written flow diagrams in the outline stage to get this all in order. And it is true I would hate to see how bad it would be without that.

Tags: motives and purposes, orchestrating characters, point of view, story structure, story time

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