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home brewing

When claiming your Gamelit story is a home-brew universe, you have to ignore the SOP rules from time to time.

Besides using monsters direct from folklore -- including ones rather different in your standard RPG -- two big ones are emerging for my works. 

The simpler one is weapon proficiencies.   Oh, there are rules that could let them wield what I want, but I'm just handing them the weapons and letting them fight.

The more complex one is raiding different spell lists to pull together a character's set.  This is in fact necessary for some because I want thematic relationships, and -- the meager spell lists just don't let you build up a character's list without going for a grabbag approach.

Indeed, one character is getting a whole pile of homebrew spells because even adding some stuff metaphorically related to his theme leaves his list rather sparse.
Tags: idea development, role-playing games, world-building: magic (technique), world-building: military matters

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