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third group

Was working with a superhero story. Needed a reason why people don't just stampede to situations that could turn them into the superpowered.

A few went haywire, but I decided that the big reason is that if you get into that situation and DON'T get a power -- well, that's it, it's over, you never will. Hence, those who really want the powers are all trying to figure out how to game the system.

But plugging along on the story, I suddenly realize: those people are now IMMUNE.

The situations where people can become superpowered involve people with superpowers. (Possible there will be some hints that underground superpowered souls had accidentally caused it to spread.) The government doesn't like this because on one hand, no one wants the equivalent of a bomber, if not an atom bomb, that has free will, and on the other hand, the times that went haywire went REALLY haywire.

Naturally an immunity is a career path.

Some won't like it, some will -- there are enough to fill all the support jobs with many left over, so it's not compulsory -- but already I'm thinking that the staff should have been evident in the earlier events of the story.

It has romantic implications too. The superpowered can date the immune without anyone's blinking an eye about that danger.
Tags: superpowers, world-building: social structure

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