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Gamelist races

Not sticking with the standard list of RPG fantasy races. In fact, humans are the oldest race in this world. All intelligent races -- at least, those known to be intelligent because they communicate -- are derived by magic from humans.

Which is why humans are so much more various, especially in personality. There is a race of small people, intended to be servants, who turned out to be good at tinkering and theft as well. There are beastmen, and what they are like depends on what animal the wizard choose to use -- and the temperament of the people he choose for it. Lionmen are regal, though they can be anything from beneficent to tyrannical. Foxmen and crowmen are crafty. Etc. They were very stereotypical about animals.

Now, are they actually races and not species? And if so, what are the children like? Does it transmit either entirely or not at all? It is, after all, magic.

Finally, I concluded: it depends on temperament. If you have the basic temperament that you will fit into the type of beastman of a parent, you will inherit it. Therefore, two lionmen are more likely to have a lionman child than a lionman and a human, but still it's possible for a human child. (I suspect the male will accuse the female of infidelity most of the time. It will be rare.) And a lionman and a crowman -- almost certain to be human.
Tags: families: parent/child, world-building: magic (effects), world-building: non-human characters

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