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Going back through the outline, slapping in comments that this season has arrived, followed by this one, interspaced with attacks by wolfmen and mysterious women who can drive you mad.

It's not the events couldn't take place more quickly, but it makes the perils too closely packed together.  They are spread out over a vast forest.  The characters are even warned on arrival that they are not on a forest crawl where they concentrate on it, and then they go on with their lives; they better go on with their lives as they fight, because it's likely it will take more than their lifetimes.

Not an accident, of course.  The heroine needs time for her bildungsroman,

BUT since the events seldom require a particular season, I have to put in the clues to keep track of how long it takes.  (I have a bad habit of not spacing events as they need.)
Tags: bildungsroman, outlining, story time

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