marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

sorcerer's child

So the Gamelit sorceress is going to have a bildungsroman of considerable length.

Prudently taking heed of a warning not to treat her job as an adventure where you take up ordinary life afterward, but as a job even if it does involve exploration and monsters, she marries and has children.

Was playing around with a child (children?) having mismatched eyes, thus proving the sorcerous legacy goes on. Then I thought, perhaps not precisely, they could branch out a little in spells, casting like their father as well as their mother. . . .

Huh. Sorcerers occasionally pop up in the descendants of sorcerers. (A fact that those of chaotic aligment use to argue that they are just random gifts of Fortune, not part of a great plan.) Perhaps they are not so -- thematically unified as time goes by. Perhaps they even manage to be the ones in the game, where your lineage has trivial effects on your choices of spells. Hmmm -- on the downside, I decide, that would mean you are unlikely to have new and unusual magic, the sort where wizards beg you to stop adventuring and accept their hospitality for life so they can reverse-engineer your sorcery -- and they will protect you from the law that you have to adventure.

Or perhaps not. Won't determine this story.
Tags: bildungsroman, families: parent/child, unity of theme, world-building: magic (other)

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