marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

how many monsters a year

Plotting along, putting in the years, pondering how many monsters a year. . . .

Obviously, enough that she can plausibly take on the monster at the end!  NOT an enormous ancient red dragon -- but deliberately  intended to be as powerful and dangerous.  With lair effects and all that.

She's sixteen when it starts and twenty-five when it ends.  The progress is not even -- having three pregnancies and four children WILL slow you down -- but even when at home with the children, she's still fighting sometimes, when the monsters go for the stronghold.

Pondering, pondering. . . .

More big, dangerous,dramatic ones than little ones, though those are a background pest.
Tags: character arc, role-playing games, world-building: aging and coming of age, world-building: creatures

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