marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

complications on complications

Was zipping along, writing up the outline, and realized, o those many months ago, that the daughter as well as the son could be in a fairy tale. Furthermore I could easily do it by having her rashly promise to marry someone.

AND -- her and her husband's finishing their tale sets off that villainess to trigger the climax of the story. Which meant I had to get it all done.  And in the best fairy tale fashion, it involved her doing things on three different nights.  In the fairy tales, you can just repeat them, but in a novel you need to keep the readers awake.  (For one thing, you can knock off a scene in a sentence in fairy tales.  Or even many scenes.)

Which it finally is. But it was a large section and one I hadn't even realized was needed up front. . . .

Plus the birds. I hadn't expected the birds, but they are less trouble.
Tags: fairy tales (retelling), motives and purposes, plot devices, story structure, subplots, writing audience

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