marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

original inspiration and the outline

Plunging into the thick of the outline.  And discovering inspiration dancing around as it usually does.

The original idea sprung from an illustration I was thinking might be a cover, but no, if it goes in the series it will need to look like the earlier cover.  Also, the name is off, I will have to change it.  But the old king will stick around and even ask children for advice.

And the ideas I had just jotted down are falling into place.  Or else vanishing entirely.  The old king remains but I'm not sure about one woman -- even though I thought she would play a crucial role, and the old king would give her the castle as the tale ends.

He's not going to give it the princess I know is going to be in the center of it.  Perhaps to a prince?

Eh, not too bad.  Sometimes the original idea for the story vanishes entirely from the final work.  (And sometimes that means the original idea comes back full force to bug you about writing it.)
Tags: idea development, outlining

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