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supers from space

There's one common superhero trope that has a large effect on the worldbuilding:  the superhero is in fact a normal member of his species -- whatever that is.

That, of course, brings a whole heap of baggage.  Is he a fugitive, an ambassador, a tourist, a student, an invalid to whom Earth is an easier environment?  What are diplomatic relations with his species?  Do they understand the concept?  Are there enough of them left to make relations a concept?  Are they aliens from another planet, fae from another dimension, mole men from the center of the earth?   

All of those affect a story possibly more than any other origin, because they would affect social structure even before you threw in the superpowers.  (And if you want "alien in origin" to be a metaorigin, it's going to be a BIG factor.  Especially if they can't interbreed with humans.)
Tags: genre: superheroes, world-building: non-human characters, world-building: social structure

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