marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

sequels and prequels and stuff

I don't generally write like this.

But in a large setting, there are no less than four separate stories taking form. At least two of them multi-volume, the others at least novel length.

The history of the world is taking shape. And a character in the chronological last will jeer at the notion that the hero of the first, or the heroine of the second, were real people. Some people with more piety than sense will claim they were in fact divine apparitions, not people. . . .

Meanwhile, I have to figure out the beastmen. If wizards make them, there will be fewer kinds in the earlier books and more in the later. And there are the gruagach. They will make a discovery about themselves, too. Perhaps in the second book, it will surprise the heroine. . . .

Gonna throw in a few allusions to things that aren't in the books, for history.
Tags: fictional history, sequels, world-building: non-human characters

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