marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

what shall we name the priests?

It's a GameLit world, it has two kinds of priest. . .

One of which is NOT going to be a druid, a name I've always found silly Is going to be concerned with magic of the natural world. Or creation, as they put it, since they are also part of the monotheist religion and sometimes scorn the other priests as blinkered and limiting their view of the Divine to the merely intelligent races, so small a part of the divine handiwork -- though they will be much more friendly to humans that the usual, anachronistic views of RPG druids.

They are going to be green priests.

Now, most people are going to specify green priests because those are the special ones. Even farmers will not have more to do with them than with the regular sort.

Still, in the church and other places, people will have to refer to the green priests and the -- other ones. Gold priests? Gray priests? White priests? Probably a color just for contrast.
Tags: role-playing games, world-building: religion

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