marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

let there be light

Pondering whether there will be weather. And how much of it?

All very well to set up the dramatic scene with a thunderstorm threatening in the evening, but if the heroine and friends are to flee a mile down a road -- in the wild, with trees to either side -- with maybe a lantern --

Well, I need to ponder it. I think that the clouds in this scene need to be toned down, and possibly the clock set back to earlier in the evening. They can still be threatening and thunderous, but the foreground has to be lit enough to make the flight plausible.  Possibly give it winds and make the trees dramatically back-lit against the clouds to play it up.  Thunder and lightning are not out of the question even with sunlight.

sigh Lighting sources. Always need to remember no street lights. . .
Tags: dramatic tension, theme, travel, world-building: weather

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