marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

who will know her?

Setting up the climatic scene and realizing. . . 

How many of the heroic company would recognize the villainess?   Not the current point of view character, I realized, or this one, or that one -- and then I wondered if anyone except the heroine herself would.  It's a large group, almost unwieldy, but the villainess has been operating off-stage during the novel.

Except, I realized, the heroine's half-sister.  Yes, the villainess is the heroine's mother, but she's also the half-sister's stepmother.

Hmmm -- not that it's difficult to have the heroine be the one looking in the right direction.  Her sister can gasp when she points the other woman out.  
Tags: discovery, endings, fairy tales (retelling), families: other, orchestrating characters

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