marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

weather wants to be windy

Opening scene of the story has to be a calm day.  The heroine's brother particularly choose it to be a calm day as this is good for lessons on climbing up and down walls.

But it's a beautiful day, springtime, with things flowery and it's not too hot, and the muse keeps wanting to make it windy.  Not blustery.  Making flags fly sort of windy.  Giving the songbirds something to dance on.  Turns out that my imagination does not believe that still days really are beautiful.  

Gonna have to squelch that muse.  Her brother is negligent in many respects and in many manners, but he would not put her at risk in that particular manner.
Tags: families: siblings, local color, motives and purposes, world-building: weather

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