marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

the princess with the birds and beasts

My prince and princess in a fairy tale novel were gibing at the notion of a princess who attracts birds and harmless creatures like fawns and rabbits.

Then I paused to think of whether I could remember any such fairy tale princesses.

I couldn't remember any where the princess had, on her journey, helped three animals and gotten aid from them.  Princes tend to luck on those one, and they're not generally the most cuddle-some.    (Wolves, anyone?  Or salmons?  Even foxes would be iffy in a Disney style.)

Most of the time, a heroine associated with animals is getting specific magical help, or tests.  The birds that fly down from Aschenputtel's tree on her mother's grave, or a heroine's gently shooing birds from her father's ax in the kind and unkind girls tale type.

So they will continue to gibe.
Tags: fairy tale tropes, orchestrating characters

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