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introducing. . . .

So I've got two characters, the hero and the heroine, both POV characters.  And the hero's story starts earlier.

No problem, I think.  First we do the hero's introduction, then we do the heroine's -- and I even got it all outlined on that principle.

Then I sat down to write it.

And it sprouted some nice, interesting complications, which did a good job filling out the story and giving it local color.  Some minor characters appeared to move the hero's story along, and suggest additional plot complications -- which have to happen before he meets the heroine.

And how long do I want the story to go on and on (and on!) before she shows up?  It's hard to convince people that someone who's just shown up in Chapter 13 is a major character.  And while I could be a little more medias in my res, there's an awful lot of backstory even if I begin where I begin now; there will be heaps more if I start when they meet, much of it directly related to things that happen just after that.

Alternatively, she does have a backstory.  I pick up the ten-foot pole and poke at it.  And the villainess is perfectly willing to show that she's crazy and hates the heroine much earlier -- I think.  I shall have to try to write it, and see what happens, given what happened when I wrote the hero's.
Tags: backstory, grumbles, local color, minor characters, orchestrating characters, outlining, point of view, story structure

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